Tuesday, November 27, 2012

empty pool find in victoria

Good Canadian living means basically we live in a non outdoor swimming pool environment. We had been told about this pool getting very empty by a good man in Teem Shiddy. Finally the bottom of the pool became empty enough for us to bucket out the leaves and sludge. This pool was in a co-op housing facility and we weren't sure what kind of trespassing trouble we were in for. We were lucky to get about half a dozen real good sessions. Mark of coarse ruled the thing, grinding the coping. The transitions were fun except the north wall that was basically the eater of all who skated it. The crew that rode this pool are: Shawn Sheppard- old Ontario guy who does art and is not a sponsored rider but he rides a bike too. Harri Hovatta- old, very old this guy is 50, one of the best skaters in vic, he builds for the rich and used to skate for Skate Wave and is one of the original BuTTox BoYs (face it now). Rayce Shiddy who is a painter and skates for playtex and is also a member of Teem Shiddy. Brando Snakeload who is a concrete man and skates for.... uhhh this dude just skates anything because he can, he is also a member of JaKs (fuck yeah). Stinky Mank who is also a concrete man and skates for Swedish pumps and beads, he is also a JaK (fuck yeah). Of coarse last but not least is Mark aka Bob Burnout, probably one of the top transition skaters in vic, a good energy!!! it was good well it lasted but rains came and filled the pool again. Then the pool was repaired making it non skate-able for the future. 2011 Co-Op pool R.I.P.

-Ricky JaK a member of JaKs (fuck yeah)

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